FzioMed Presents Preclinical Studies of Oxiplex Gel for Drug Delivery, Including Results of Novel Bone Growth Factor

SAN LUIS OBISPO, California – September 28, 2005 – FzioMed, Inc. announced today the presentation of preclinical studies demonstrating Oxiplex Gel as an effective drug vehicle, including results with a novel bone growth factor. The poster presentation is being made at the North American Spine Society (NASS) 20 th Annual Meeting held in Philadelphia, PA September 27 – October 1, 2005.

Oxiplex Gel is a synthetic, bioabsorbable, injectable gel formulated by FzioMed for the delivery of therapeutics. FzioMed is developing a family of Oxiplex gels for use in a variety of surgical applications including the prevention of post-surgical adhesions in spine, gynecologic and general surgeries.

The first studies tested Oxiplex Gel for its utility as a drug delivery system. The results demonstrated that Oxiplex loaded with an antibiotic allowed the localized dissemination of antimicrobials in vitro.

An additional study evaluated Oxiplex Gel as a vehicle for the delivery of a novel, synthetic peptide bone growth factor being developed by FzioMed. The study compared healing in a bone defect filled with Oxiplex Gel containing the peptide growth factor to controls where the defect was filled with either Oxiplex Gel alone or left unfilled. The results showed that Oxiplex Gel alone had a positive stimulatory effect on bone healing. However, when Oxiplex Gel was combined with the bone growth factor, there was an additional acceleration of bone healing.

FzioMed is a privately held medical company engaged in the development and commercialization of synthetic, absorbable biomaterials based on the company’s patented Oxiplex technology. FzioMed is developing products for adhesion prevention, tissue augmentation and regeneration, and the delivery of drugs. Oxiplex is an innovative polymer technology with uses in a variety of specialties including orthopedics, gynecology, general surgery, neurosurgery and aesthetic surgery. FzioMed products include Oxiplex/SP, the leading adhesion barrier for spine surgery currently marketed outside of the United States, Oxiplex/AP adhesion barrier for gynecologic and general surgery, and a cosmetic dermal filler.

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