• Oxiplex® Adhesion Barrier for Spine Surgery

    An easy-to-use, safe gel that improves outcomes for spine surgery patients by reducing adhesions and related symptoms such as pain. Using Oxiplex takes only seconds, but can enhance a patient’s quality of life.

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  • Dynavisc® Adhesion Barrier for Tendon/Peripheral Nerve Surgery

    For use in tendon and/or peripheral nerve procedures, such as in hand, foot, and shoulder surgeries, DYNAVISC is an easy-to-use, absorbable gel that is designed to reduce postoperative adhesions for improved comfort, healing, and quality of life.

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  • Oxiplex/AP® Adhesion Barrier for Peritoneal Surgery

    The outcome of successful peritoneal surgery can be undermined when adhesions develop and create serious complications. Surgeons who use Oxiplex/AP gel create a barrier that reduces postoperative adhesions by coating tissue surfaces in the peritoneal cavity. Oxiplex/AP gel is also indicated for use in intrauterine surgery.

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  • Oxiplex/IU® Adhesion Barrier for Intrauterine Surgery

    Scar tissue that develops following intrauterine surgery can cause complications ranging from pelvic pain to infertility. Oxiplex/IU gel is designed to reduce the number and severity of these adhesions, leading to improved outcomes for patients.

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Last Updated: March 14, 2023