FzioMed, Inc. Granted Two New Patents for Oxiplex™ Technology

Actions by U.S. Patent Office Extend FzioMed’s Coverage for Oxiplex™ Technology in Surgical Adhesion Prevention

SAN LUIS OBISPO, California – January 15, 2001 – FzioMed, Inc. announced today that it has received its seventh United States patent for the company’s Oxiplex™ technology. The company also received a notice of allowance for an additional patent covering a delivery device for one of its products. Oxiplex™ is a unique polymer technology being developed by FzioMed for a variety of surgical and medical applications.

The new patents refer to the composition and the use of Oxiplex™ products in the prevention of post-surgical adhesions, a leading complication of many surgeries. Post-surgical adhesions are abnormal, fibrous attachments that can form in the body following surgery and cause impaired function, chronic pain and major complications for patients.

“These new patents broaden and solidify coverage for our Oxiplex™ anti-adhesion products,” stated Richard Berg, Ph.D., Vice President of Research and Development for FzioMed, Inc. Ronald Haynes, President and CEO of FzioMed, Inc. said, “FzioMed has a comprehensive intellectual property base, now totaling eight patents that encompass an extensive range of compositions, methods and products for our technology.”

FzioMed is a medical device company engaged in the development and manufacture of bioresorbable products based on the company’s patented Oxiplex™ technology. Oxiplex™ is a unique polymer technology that is formulated for a variety of targeted medical indications and markets. Products in development using Oxiplex™ include those for the prevention of post-surgical adhesions, hemostasis during surgery, osteoarthritis and drug delivery. FzioMed products are at various stages of pre-clinical and clinical development, and are directed towards high growth markets in the rapidly growing field of biosurgery products.


Oxiplex™ is a registered trademark of FzioMed, Inc.