Tendon and Peripheral Nerve Surgery

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FzioMed introduces DYNAVISC® gel for preventing adhesions in tendon and peripheral nerve surgery.1

DYNAVISC syringe

DYNAVISC is a clear, absorbable gel designed to coat surgically traumatized tissues during tendon and/or peripheral nerve surgeries such as in foot, knee, shoulder, and hand surgery. DYNAVISC acts as a temporary, protective barrier to separate tissues and reduce fibrosis and the formation of post-surgical adhesions.

Hands Playing PianoAdhesions are internal bands of scar tissue that can develop following surgery as the body attempts to heal. Adhesions can impact an otherwise successful procedure, leaving a patient with pain, nerve compression, impaired motion and diminished quality of life.

Safe Tissue Protection

DYNAVISC is formulated from FzioMed's world-leading biomaterial technology (CMC and PEO) and supplied ready-to-use in a 1mL syringe with a sterile, flexible applicator.

DYNAVISC is a clear, smooth gel that provides clear view of tendon and neural structures during placement. The flowable, tissue adherent properties of DYNAVISC gel allow thorough tissue coverage. DYNAVISC is backed by the exceptional safety history of FzioMed's biomaterial gel technology.

Adhesion formation following surgery can interfere with the normal gliding function of tendons and nerves, causing pain and greatly restricting motion. Post-surgical adhesions in the hand can produce tension which, if severe and prolonged, can lead to further nerve injury.


DYNAVISC is intended to reduce fibrosis and formation of adhesions following tendon and/or peripheral nerve surgery.

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Last updated: 19 Aug 2016

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1 DYNAVISC is currently only available in the European Union. FzioMed's products are not currently available for distribution in the United States.