Core Science

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FzioMed science is based on the combination of two biocompatible medical polymers, carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) and polyethylene oxide (PEO). We are experts in the formulation and manufacture of these materials into bioabsorbable products including Oxiplex®, MediShield™, and DYNAVISC® for surgical use.

A Molecule of our Biomaterials

Starting with this core science – exclusive compositions of safe and well-known biopolymers – we engineer medical devices that offer key advantages over other biomaterial technologies.

Doctors use FzioMed biomaterials during surgery to provide a temporary and protective separation of tissues which can reduce postoperative pain and the formation of adhesions. Our products are designed to improve outcomes in procedures such as decompression spine surgery, tendon and peripheral nerve surgery, gynecological surgery, and general surgery.

Advantages of FzioMed Biomaterials1

  • Non-Animal and Non-Bacterial. Our biomaterials contain no materials of human, animal or bacterial origin.
  • Biocompatible. Pre-clinical and clinical data in a variety of studies and procedures, together with years of commercial experience, have demonstrated the safety and biocompatibility of our products.
  • Bioabsorbable. FzioMed biomaterials are naturally absorbed and cleared by the body over time. They do not need to be removed after application.
  • Tissue Adherent. CMC and PEO can be formulated to coat tissues, so that products designed for site-specific applications remain in place for the appropriate period of time.
  • Versatile. Our biomaterials can be made into a variety of products with specific characteristics such as tissue adherence, elasticity, viscosity and absorption.
  • Convenient Handling, Packaging & Storage. Our products can be stored at room temperature. They are sterile and ready-to-use, and require no mixing or assembly.

A Syringe of our Biomaterials

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Our sound science allows surgeons to protect their work, without compromise.

To learn more about FzioMed and our patented polymer science, contact us online. You can find more information about our adhesion barrier products, including those for spinal surgery and peritoneal/abdominal surgery.

Last updated: 19 Aug 2016

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1 Data on file, FzioMed, Inc.